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All events held along the Great Ocean Road require a permit. This is to ensure that as land managers, we can accommodate rubbish bin and amenity needs and ensure events along each section of the coast do not clash. 

Each year, a range of groups and organisations conduct several small to large-scale community and commercial events along the coast.  

These events include: 

  • Art/Comedy performances 
  • Beach volleyball 
  • Community sporting events 
  • Cycling and on-road events 
  • Running events 
  • Life-saving events 
  • Ultra-marathons 
  • Outdoor concerts 
  • Product promotions and launches 
  • Sailing events 
  • Surfing contests, and triathlons 
  • Large social gatherings  
  • Weddings. 


Any event that charges admission or competitor entry fee is deemed a commercial event. Our event fees are based on a combination of size, site impact and duration. See our Commercial Event Tariffs for more information. 


Events for not-for-profits, community groups (such as local volunteer and sporting groups), charities and local schools with an attendance of less than 50 people do not require a permit. 

Community events with 50 or more people, or any event utilising a structure, such as marquees or seating, require a permit. After your event plan is assessed by our team it will incur an administrative fee, plus a recovery fee for any additional costs incurred, such as waste collection. 

Cost recovery will be established on a case-by-case basis and considers the following: 

  • Event footprint 
  • Environmental impact 
  • Additional cleaning requirements to amenities 
  • Power and water requirements 
  • Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority staff labour 
  • Traffic impacts. 

If the event you are planning requires a permit, please submit the Event Application Form by clicking the below link.

Please note that we require up to 14 days to process applications.