Coast Guardians

An educator and group of year 9 students in fluorescent vests stand on a beach path after participating, in a beach clean-up.

Coast Guardians is our flagship Environmental Education Program, tailored towards year 9 students with an interest in coastal protection.

Schools can participate in this ongoing program throughout the school year, focusing on one site to help foster ownership and enhance their understanding of the Great Ocean Road region.

Schools that have previously participated in the program, along with the coastal sites they have helped rehabilitate, include:

  • Geelong Lutheran College - Whites Gap and Fishermans Beach, Torquay 
  • Lorne P-12 College - Erskine River Top Bank, North Lorne Beach and Lorne Point, Lorne 
  • Northern Bay P-12 College - Point Impossible and Whites Beach, Torquay
  • Surf Coast Secondary College - Spring Creek, Torquay 
  • Sacred Heart College.

Year 9 student program

This program aims to increase environmental awareness and examine coastal issues, while promoting and encouraging social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Our team leads the exploration of major coastal issues and opportunities in greater depth, including:

  • Ecosystems and coastal processes on the coast
  • Plant identification
  • Indigenous and cultural heritage of sites, plants and animals
  • Natural threats to the environment
  • Climate variations
  • Human impacts on the coastal environment
  • Threatened flora and fauna species and the importance of biodiversity
  • Coastal management issues and solutions
  • Local land manager roles.

Other features of the Coast Guardians Program include:

  • Student forum at the end of the year with all Coast Guardians schools
  • Special guest speakers from local coastal community, including volunteers, local heroes, and experts
  • Participation in special events such as World Environment Day and Corangamite Catchment Management Authority Creek Connections Day
  • BBQs and healthy snackS
  • Wet weather program at school
  • Visiting additional sites along the coast
  • Walks and talks
  • Games
  • Real life problem solving.

The program relates to the year Curriculum, specifically: Science, Geography, History, Maths, English, HPE, Personal Capabilities and use of scientific equipment.

Planning your visit

To make our Environmental Education Programs accessible to groups, we provide all the relevant tools, equipment and personal protective gear, including hi-vis vests and gloves.

Students and staff are required to provide their own transport to and from the site and bring along any food and beverages for the day.

If you require more information or would like to speak to a team member, please complete the online enquiry form below or email questions directly to

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