Secondary Education Program

A group of secondary aged students looking out into the ocean towards Lorne Point.

‘Coastal classrooms’ provide a range of engaging, authentic learning opportunities for secondary students to gain a deeper connection with, and understanding of, our natural environments. 

Our team of passionate educators inspire and support students to connect with the Great Ocean Road coastline, explore their curiosity and think critically about our natural world. This allows students to expand on the values they hold and understand the vital role they play in helping conserve our unique environments.

Sessions can be theory based or integrate hands-on conservation activities. Our team pride themselves on building programs to suit the age, abilities and curriculum needs of individual groups. 

Suggested themes for secondary school students include:

  • Coastal land management 
  • Sustainability 
  • Beach litter/marine debris 
  • Biodiversity monitoring 
  • Conservation and human impacts 
  • Coastal stewardship 
  • Coastal processes 
  • Food webs and life cycles 
  • Ecology 
  • Cultural heritage 
  • Geography 
  • Astronomy. 

The range of activities and resources we offer to support students learning include:

  • Bush or beach interpretative walks and hikes
  • Coastal clean-up litter data added to Tangaroa Blue database
  • Our biodiversity trailer presentation, including a big-screen digital microscope, insect and nature sampling survey equipment and assistance entering photos and data into iNaturalist for an authentic citizen scientist experience
  • Hands-on conservation including weeding, site maintenance and planting
  • Beachcombing
  • Rockpool rambles
  • Telescopes for astronomy night classes.

All programs receive free pre and post activity resources to prepare students in the lead up to their session and extend their learning post-session. These resources are emailed individually to all groups after booking confirmation is received.

Click the pdf links below to view our current curriculum. 

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