Request for consideration of a claim

A person holding a foam surfboard walks down the boardwalk to the beach.

If you have sustained an injury, loss or damage because you believe there has been negligence by the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority (the Authority), you can submit a request for compensation. Please note that submitting a claim does not guarantee you will receive compensation.

Most claim investigations are completed within 12 weeks, however the Authority will work to resolve the claim as soon as practical.

Please note that as part of submitting a claim, the location of your incident must be supplied to confirm that it occurred within the Crown land managed by the Authority.

You can email your claim to the Authority via Your claim should include the following details:

  • Dates, times and location (the more specific the better)
  • Photos if possible
  • A clear description of what happened and who was involved
  • The contact details of those involved with a clear description of their role, i.e., were they a witness or were they part of the incident?
  • If you are seeking restitution for damages, please include any reports on the alleged damage and quotes for repair (preferably at least 2 quotes)
  • If the claim is in relation to property, please also supply the make, model and year of purchase if possible
  • If the incident caused injury, please provide any supporting medical reports
  • Any relevant receipts (please note there is no guarantee of reimbursement for any claims lodged). Individuals should avoid spending funds until the matter is settled.

The Authority is provided insurance through the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA), who work with the Authority to review and assess any claims that are submitted. Depending on your claim, the VMIA may also contact you discuss it further.