Signs Realigned at Point Impossible Clothing Optional Beach

Published on 01 February 2024


The Point Impossible clothing optional dress beach is set to undergo a realignment of its signage today to accurately reflect the legally designated clothing-optional area.

Following a public inquiry questioning the accuracy of maps for the clothing-optional section, authorities discovered a misalignment between the legally gazetted map and the actual location of the signage on the ground.

The Point Impossible clothing optional dress beach will continue to operate as a clothing optional beach.

The current signage extends beyond the legally prescribed 1000m area, covering over 1300m. In response, we’re re-aligning the signs today and installing informational signage in the main car park at the Point Impossible clothing optional dress beach to keep beachgoers informed. Educational patrols will also be conducted to ensure visitors are aware of the changes.

The discrepancy in signage placement was attributed to signs installed incorrectly over 20 years ago, predating the widespread availability of accurate GPS technology. The re-alignment process utilised modern GPS technology, cross-checked by the authorities to ensure compliance with legal gazettal.


As part of the initiative, we're working closely with the Australian Naturist Federation to share information about the changes. Stakeholder consultations in December and January informed the timing, updating, and relocation of signs and maps. The feedback received is being used to develop best practice signage, covering respectful etiquette for visitors to the optional dress beach, as well as messages on the protection of Wadawurrung cultural heritage values and the preservation of the coastal environment.

Permanent signs reflecting these changes will be installed in the coming months.

Beachgoers are reminded that all dune areas are strictly off-limits to protect Wadawurrung cultural heritage and values, as well as high conservation values. Nudity is prohibited in the dunes and all areas not indicated by signs on the beach.

In addition, the public is urged to provide ample space for the endangered hooded plovers nesting at the northern end of the clothing optional dress beach.

Visitors are asked to observe signs on the beach, stay outside the signed area, and keep dogs on a lead at all times.