Safety exclusion area at Mothers Beach car park

Published on 28 June 2024

Apollo Bay safety zone.jpeg

We have created a safety exclusion area in the car park behind Mothers Beach near the Apollo Bay Harbour precinct due to public safety risks posed by a retaining wall. 

The closure was implemented today, with the public urged to avoid the area behind the large dune and dressing shed in the car park behind Mothers Beach in Apollo Bay.  

An engineer’s assessment recommended the safety exclusion area be created around the wall because it is at risk of collapse.  

Unfortunately, the change rooms are within the safety exclusion area and cannot be used until further notice.  


Safety zone in Apollo Bay.jpeg

Quotes attributable to Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Director of Environment and Coastal Operations Lisa Mills: 

“We apologise for any inconvenience to locals and visitors to Apollo Bay, but public safety is our highest priority.” 

“The Authority will work with local stakeholders on longer-term plans to relocate or replace the infrastructure, however this will take some time to implement.”