Erosion Impacts Accessible Beach Matting at Fishermans Beach

Published on 02 February 2024


Wild winds and waves have eroded the sand at Fishermans Beach, impacting the accessibility of the beach matting in place.

First reported in December, a steep drop-off ranging from 0.5 to 1 metre emerged in the aftermath of storm activity and high winds. This prompted immediate updates to the public and intensified on-ground monitoring.

Due to the steep drop-off, we're unable to extend the accessible beach matting as far as usual for the time being.

Safety signage, star pickets and emergency orange bunting have been installed to identify high risk areas. The area is marked off is to the north of the Fishermans Beach boat ramp.

We’re urging beachgoers and parents to exercise caution and ensure children avoid playing in the area. Steep sand drop offs have been known to collapse without warning.

Our team is diligently checking the beach access matting daily, and we remain committed to restoring full access as soon as nature allows.

Erosion is a naturally occurring process, and we expect the beach to recover as calmer ocean conditions return, bringing in more sand, a process known as accretion.

We appreciate the patience of the community and apologise for any inconvenience.


Quotes attributable to Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority Coastal Reserves Manager, Caleb Hurrell

“The impact of a changing climate is perhaps one of the most pressing issues we face along the Great Ocean Road.”

“Coastal erosion is a natural process, the product of the coast constantly adjusting to high-energy waves from the Southern Ocean and tides at any given moment in time.”

“We’re actively checking the Fishermans beach access matting daily and we remain committed to restoring full access as soon as nature allows.”

“In the meantime, we encourage beachgoers to explore alternative accessible options at Point Roadknight or Lorne.”