Cliff Safety Campaign - Keeping Beachgoers Safe

Published on 09 February 2024

As we welcome the Summer season and witness a surge in beachgoers along the Surf Coast, we are renewing our commitment to cliff safety.
Contributing factors included climate induced sea level rise and storm events which are accelerating the rate of change along the coastline, as well as more people accessing coastal areas where eroding cliffs may pose potential risks. 

With an increase in summer crowds compared to previous years, it's crucial that we take every opportunity to remind people about the dangers associated with unstable cliffs. 

Our ongoing campaign aims to heighten awareness, especially in high-risk zones like Torquay, Jan Juc, Anglesea and Aireys Inlet.  

Over the past 18 months, we’ve witnessed three significant cliff collapses on land we manage, emphasising the unpredictable nature of these events and the potential threat they pose to clifftop and beachgoers. 

We’re taking a range of actions to help minimise the impact of cliff failure, including: 

  • Warning Signage: Prominent signs alerting locals and visitors to potential risks. 

  • Ongoing Monitoring: Regular site visits and drone surveys to detect any signs of instability. 

  • Clifftop Fencing: Erected to keep users away from the cliff edge. 

  • Amenities Relocation: Moving walking tracks and other amenities away from the cliff edge. 

  • Area Closures: In cases of extreme risk, certain areas are closed to the public. For instance, the beach at Demons Bluff, east of Anglesea Family Caravan Park, remains closed. 

Beachgoers should always stay vigilant around cliffs and adhere to safety guidelines.   

There are four essential points to remember: 

  • Stay Away from Cliffs and Caves 

  • Stick to Established Tracks 

  • See the Signs and Follow Guidance 

  • Share the Word and Warn Others 

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