Celebrating the Arrival of a New Generation of Hoodies at Possos

Published on 04 March 2024


The Hooded Plover breeding season is in full swing, and we are thrilled to confirm the heartwarming debut of a newly hatched Hooded Plover chick at Point Impossible.

The birds are currently located in the middle of the Point Impossible clothing optional beach.

As these delicate birds navigate the challenges of raising their families on local beaches, our Conservation team, in collaboration with devoted volunteers, is working diligently to ensure the protection and survival of the newly arrived chick.

To ensure the safety of these precious birds, we’ve set up an Exclusion Zone (EZ) in the area, marked clearly with signage. NO DOGS are allowed within the EZ for the period that the hooded plover chicks are on the beach, which could be up to 35 days.

Without human assistance, Hoodies have only a 2.5% chance of survival from egg to fully fledged (meaning the chicks can fly) adult.

The ongoing collaborative efforts to safeguard the chick, supported by BirdLife Australia, Conservation Rangers, and local volunteers, are gaining momentum, thanks to the tireless dedication of passionate locals who are keeping watch over the young family around the clock.

BirdLife Australia has been at the forefront of coordinating the statewide and national recovery of the Hooded Plover, with crucial support from the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority, Parks Victoria, Barwon Coast, Friends of the Hooded Plover Surf Coast and the Surf Coast Shire.

It's essential for beachgoers and the community to be mindful of potential disturbances, as any interference from people or animals can drive adult birds away from their chicks in the nest or impede them from leaving to feed near the water.

The species faces big threats from people inadvertently trampling nests or scaring them into abandoning their eggs, and from dogs not under control that chase, catch, and kill vulnerable chicks.

The public is encouraged to keep their distance and to keep dogs away from breeding areas.

If you spot a Hooded Plover nest on beaches, or a nesting pair of hoodies along the Great Ocean Road, please report the location to info@greatoceanroadauthority.vic.gov.au or 1300 736 533.