Board endorses Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve Masterplan

Published on 27 October 2023


The Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority Board has unanimously endorsed the Masterplan for the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve, providing a clear direction for its future.  

For many, the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve holds a special place in their hearts, serving as a favourite escape for holidaymakers and a dynamic sporting hub for both locals and visitors. 

The newly endorsed Masterplan provides a comprehensive ten-year roadmap, guided by the collective aspirations of the community. Its aim is to transform the Reserve into a thriving, year-round community hub, offering a diverse range of activities including sports, recreation, events, and a welcoming spot for holidaymakers. 

The community has overwhelmingly supported improvements to the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve, saying they are well overdue.   

During the extensive engagement process, many constructive suggestions were put forth, resulting in the inclusion of appropriate changes in the final plan. These include additional community open space, more public access provided along the entire riverfront and additional car parking throughout the Reserve.  

Other great ideas include new bike hoops which have been added to the sporting precinct and a canoe/kayak launch into the Barham River, with an exact location to be determined. Enhanced pathways and connections within and around the Reserve are also part of the updated plan.  

We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who generously contributed feedback and ideas, underscoring the collaborative spirit that has defined this project. 

The Masterplan is designed with inclusivity in mind, taking into account the diverse needs of all users. It ensures that the Reserve's new and enhanced facilities are not just inviting but also accessible, fit for their intended purposes, and resilient in the face of evolving environmental challenges over the next decade. 

As the plan moves forward, the immediate focus is on collaboration. The Authority will work closely with sporting clubs, the local council, and key stakeholders to secure the essential funding for the implementation of this transformative plan.  

Upgrades to sporting facilities will be a joint effort, involving the Authority, the Victorian Government, Colac Otway Shire Council, and user groups. 

While all works will be subject to available funding and feasibility assessments, grant funding is expected to play a key role in many instances.  

Next steps include the detailed design for the campground upgrades as funded through the Camping Uplift grant and supporting sporting clubs to progress grant applications for design and construction of infrastructure within the sporting precinct.  

It is anticipated that the first stage of works will commence in early 2024.  

Together, we aim to bring this transformative vision to life. 

 Read the final Masterplan and the What We Heard Report below:


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