Lorne Coast Tea Tree Removal Program

Lorne Coast Tea Tree Removal Program Background and purpose

In June 2022, our team undertook the final stage of this project with approximately 20 tonnes of coast tea tree (Leptospermum laevigatum) removed from North Lorne to Point Grey (Bert Alsop and Doug Stirling tracks).

The project's second stage is proposed to commence in June 2023, removing less than half a hectare of coast tea tree from the Lorne foreshore area near Otway Street (Top Bank caravan park, Erskine Riverbanks and down to the Swing Bridge).

Staged removal of coast tea tree from the Lorne foreshore is a priority for the protection of native flora and fauna and to reduce fire risk. Coast tea tree is a high-fire risk species that doesn't naturally belong in the bioregion for the Otway Ranges. It forms and creates dense monocultures that shade out other important understorey species. As a result coast tee tree significantly reduces the biodiversity and habitat value that is critical for native small mammals.

The staged removal of coast tree will be accompanied by revegetation, weed control and natural regeneration to ensure maximum habitat and biodiversity benefits.

The program aims to achieve the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Reduce fire risk
  • Increase habitat value and species diversity 

Project works align with outcomes and specific objectives of the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority's Coastal Vegetation Strategy to remove the environmental weed from conservation areas and replace it with species appropriate to the Otway Ranges bioregion.

Community Walk & Talk

Our Conservation and Coastal Reserves teams want to spend time with the local community to have an open discussion about the project while looking at areas along the foreshore where coast tea tree has been removed and the diverse range of indigenous species that have re-established in its place.

Who: Authority Conservation and Coastal Reserves team members

When: 5 - 6.30pm, Tuesday 6 December

Where: Lorne Lions car park, we will walk along the Bert Alsop track

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